Chikara Weightlifting Club

Chikara Weightlifting Club was founded in 2003 and is a registered weightlifting club with USA weightlifting (USAW).  The sport of Olympic weightlifting is comprised of two lifts, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.  The team is comprised of both men and women and has been competing in sanctioned competitions since its inception.  Lifters typically train three times per week, however they are able to come in more often if needed.  Beginners to the sport of Olympic weightlifting are taught proper and safe technique in the lifts.  Workouts are geared towards individual athletes needs.  Once beginners are able to proficiently complete the lifts, they then follow individualized training programs that are specifically designed to address the lifters needs.  Chikara Weightlifting Club is coached by Kris Kimura and Andrew Trinkle.  Both of our coaches hold Bachelor of Science degrees in Kinesiology and are certified USAW coaches.  Kris and Andy have trained and competed in Olympic weightlifting for the majority of their athletic careers.

Chikara Weightlifting Club membership is $169 per month.  Membership includes individualized programming, in-club coaching for all training sessions, and preparation for competitions.

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Interested to start training with the Chikara Weightlifting Club?  Choose the membership option below that works best for you.

Team training, unlimited - $169/mo.

Team training, student/youth - $119/mo.

Drop-in session 10 pack - $250/pack

Drop-in session - $30/session (free 1st time with valid USAW membership card)