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pictureUesaka Barbell Company

"Reputation Is The Best Specification"


Founded in 1929, Uesaka is internationally renowned for its top quality equipment and products. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with branch offices and manufacturing in the United States. Uesaka remains a family run business with three generations of master craftsmen, designers and machinists. Uesaka Barbell Company has been the official supplier of weightlifting equipment for six Olympic Games from 1964-2004 as well as for the 2009 World Weightlifting Championships and the 2010 Commonwealth Games. They have earned the coveted Category A certification from the International Weightlifting Federation.

Uesaka competition and training bars have been used at the US Olympic Training Center since 1996 with no bar failures and no maintenance. Many purchasers are tempted to buy the least expensive equipment they can find; however, after purchasing several replacement bars, they could have saved money by purchasing quality Olympic weightlifting equipment from the start.

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Ryoku Lifting Straps


Ryoku lifting straps are designed for durability and ease of use. They meet military specifications for breaking strength and resistance to abrasion and are the ideal length for Olympic weightlifting since they allow for quick release of the bar. Double bar tacked fixed loop prevents over tightening at the wrists and allows the straps to remain on the wrists during use. Lifetime guarantee against breakage or defects in workmanship.
Price: $15.95


Championship Weightlifting, by Tommy Kono


This book covers the important mental side of Olympic weightlifting and explains in detail about weightlifting technique and quality workouts. This book is definitely for those who wish to attain the best possible results in Olympic weightlifting . . . and in life.

"I can't think of any athlete or coach who wouldn't benefit from reading Championship Weightlifting, and most will benefit a great deal. There are many very useful and profound points made by Kono. They are particularly useful because they are points about mental
preparation, the importance of quality training and technique mastery that are often mentioned in passing but seldom addressed in detail in the weightlifting literature. In summary, this book is incredibly helpful on its own, and in combination with Weightlifting, Olympic Style, captures a lifetime of learning from one of weightlifting's most outstanding participants and astute observers. I recommend it highly." - Artie Drechsler, Author of Weightlifting Encyclopedia

"Championship Weightlifting, along withits predecessor, Weightlifting, Olympic Style, is destined to be among the great classics in
weightlifting history. Tommy, our sport's alltime greatest competitor, passes on knowledge that only he is qualified to do. If you're a fan
of Olympic weightlifting you must have both of these volumes in your personal library." - Dr. Peter George, World & Olympic Champion Lifter
Price: $44.95

Weightlifting, Olympic Style, by Tommy Kono


Weightlifting, Olympic Style by Tommy Kono is the most practical approach to learn and to improve on the Olympic lifts. The book is for beginners as well as advanced weightlifters who want to understand and make rapid improvements in their ability in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. Coaches will greatly benefit from reading this book.
Price: $39.95